Are you or your work place,  or a group of friends and family interested in hosting a donation drive to benefit Teen Clean Closet

We would be grateful and love to help you get it going.  

 Let us know when and where? 

  • We can promote your donation drive on our social media platform as well as on our current events page of our website. We can link your business' social media platforms to ours for cross promotion.   
  • We can email you printable donation drive signs for use, like the one pictured below.  
  • We can come and do a presentation, providing more details and answering specific questions about what we do. 
  • We would love to  come out and take photos along the way and update everyone on how the drive is going.  People like to see where their donations are going !

We are happy to support drive by student groups and are happy to recognize hours for service. 

We can also provide receipts for tax purposes.  

Contact us via email at:

Via social media through Facebook at TeenCleanCloset